VEVOR Commercial Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine 3 Flavors Ice Cream Maker 20-28L/H

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20-28 L/H Yield & 3 Flavors: Our commercial ice cream machine produces soft and fluffy ice cream efficiently. Its hourly yield reaches 20-28 L (5.3-7.4 Gal). Double 7 L (1.8 Gal) mixing hoppers and 1.8 L (0.5 Gal) freezing cylinders (both are made of SUS304) can provide up to 300 servings in an hour, keeping up with your commercial needs. Besides, 2 single flavors and 1 mixed flavor can be dispensed, adding excitement to your dessert menu and letting customers enjoy different flavors at once. · Convenient LED Control Panel: Our soft serve ice cream maker features a smart digital panel. The quantity of ice creams is displayed on the LED screen for direct observation. Practical functions are also combined here. You can set the ice creams harder or softer according to your taste. You can put the raw materials in the hopper overnight and enjoy tastier ice creams thanks to the pre-cooling and deep puffing function. Plus, self cleaning can be activated just with one click. · Comprehensive Performance: The 2450W power (total) provides continuous and lasting power for our soft ice cream machine. With the 1200W compressor, high efficiency and low noise are ensured during operation. The 150W pre-cooling compressor and the integral foaming layer keep your ingredients fresh for longer. The puffing tube makes your ice cream look more attractive, and it can save raw materials as well. Besides, the shortage alarm will remind you to add more ingredients to the mixing hopper. · Considerate Product Details: Our soft serve machine combines user-friendly designs to improve your user experience. The dust-proof lid effectively keeps your mixtures clean and sanitary. 3 handles are ergonomically designed and make pressing ice cream out effortless. The extensive cooling vents on both sides facilitate rapid heat dissipation and avoid over-heating damage. The drip tray is detachable for regular cleaning, and 4 caster wheels (2 with brake) make it easy to move on the floor. · Well-Designed for Wide Uses: Designed in a size of 21.3"x26.8"x55.1" (54x68x140 cm), our commercial ice cream maker can perfectly fit into commercial places. The stainless steel construction ensures enhanced durability and an eye-pleasing appearance. This unit is widely applicable for snack bars, cafés, bakeries, fast food chains, restaurants, buffets, etc. 20-28L/H Yield & Double 7L Hoppers Equipped with double 7 L (1.8 Gal) hoppers and 1.8 L (0.5 Gal) cylinders, 304 stainless steel adopted, our soft serve ice cream maker can output 20-28 L (5.3-7.4 Gal) per hour. The built-in counter intuitively shows the number of ice creams produced. 8 to 10 pieces can be continuously dispensed, and up to 300 servings are done in an hour. 3 Flavors & 4 Distinct Nozzles Here, we offer 3 different flavors (2 single flavors & 1 mixed flavor) to enrich your choices and satisfy the diverse demands of your customers. You can also add various flavors such as vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, mango, etc. Also, 4 distinct nozzles are provided to make your ice creams look different from others, adding much fun to the ice cream making. Brand Compressor & Useful Functions Our ice cream machine works stably and quietly with the 2450W refrigeration system. The 1200W brand compressor and the R410a refrigerant bring higher efficiency and lower power consumption. When a lack of raw materials is detected, the machine will remind you to supplement the mixtures. The pre-cooling function and integral foaming layer keep the mixtures fresh for longer. Feature-Rich Control Panel The LED control panel ensures you are always aware of your machine's status and allows you to adjust the settings timely. The quantity of ice creams is directly displayed on the screen. Press down the buttons, and you can freely adjust the ice creams thicker or softer according to your taste. Auto refrigeration and one-click cleaning can also be activated. Thoughtful Product Details The lid perfectly fits the mix hopper and keeps dust out of the mixtures. 3 handles are comfortable to grip and effortless to press down. Dense air vents are equipped on both sides, dissipating heat rapidly and avoiding over-temp damage. The detachable tray collects the dripping ice creams without messing up your table. And 4 caster wheels are convenient for moving. Perfect for Various Places This commercial soft serve ice cream machine can provide your friends or customers with sufficient soft ice cream, custard, yogurt, gelato, and sorbet in a short period despite its compact size. It is widely applied in snack bars, cafés, drink shops, restaurants, bakeries, buffets, fast food chains, and so on, meeting your daily commercial demands.

VEVOR Commercial Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine 3 Flavors Ice Cream Maker 20-28L/H
VEVOR Commercial ...
Save -30% $15,400.00 $22,000.00