Silhouette Cameo 4 Deluxe Vinyl Bundle with 24 Sheets of Vinyl, 12 sheets of HTV, 24 Pack pens, Vinyl Tool Kit, 2 Autoblades, and 150 Designs- White

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Key features on the CAMEO 4 Built-in roll feeder allows you to easily load and cut rolled materials like vinyl and heat transfer. Accommodating 9” and 12” rolls Built-in crosscutter lets you trim vinyl or heat transfer right from the roll. Sliding lid and backlit touch panel give your machine a sleek, compact aesthetic Responsive back-lit touch panel. Built-in cross cutter tool 3x faster cutting speed- Up to 30 mm/second versus CAMEO 3’s 10 mm/second Blade sensor - Machine can detect which tool type is in the machine and relay to the software for automated tool selection Smart tangential mode- Allows for tools that need to swivel (such as a Rotary Blade) to lift and swivel properly in order to create clean lines on corners of images Higher material clearance(3 mm) - Material cutting depth remains defined by Deep Cut Blade at 2mm. This feature is to accommodate select materials from passing more easily through the machine. Bluetooth connectivity - Can also now give machine a nickname in software which carries over to other devices that pick up the Bluetooth connection. This makes knowing which machine you are sending to easier in business, school, or other collective environments that may have multiple machines. Improved easier pinch roller adjustment- No more locking and unlocking pinch roller. Just press and slide the roller into the desired position. Increased cutting force- 5000 grams of cutting force in chamber 2 Rotary Blade support- This will enable users to cut fabric materials without the need of any fabric stabilizer. Improved AutoBlade to more efficiently set the blade Matless cutting mode   Silhouette 101 Guide to learning ToolsSilhouette 101 is the official blog of Silhouette America. On this site there are loads of information to help you learn about the Silhouette Studio software, how to access the Silhouette Design Store, and how-to guides, videos, and projects to get you using your CAMEO. Our guide will help you navigate this site to get what you need. Enjoy hundreds of hours of tutorials all 100% free! Silhouette101's 12 Free EBooks: 1. Silhouette Handbook 2. Guide to Glass Etching 3. PixScan Like a Pro 4. Cutting Basics 5. 12 Quick How-tos 6. Mastering Silhouette Studio 7. Heat Transfer Essentials 8. Creating Custom Apparel 9. Discovering Mint Studio 10. Vinyl All The things 11. Stamping Made Fresh 12. 3D Printing Basics   Silhouette Handbook (ebook/download only)The official handbook by Silhouette America. This guide was put together by the staff at Silhouette America to teach you how to use the Silhouette Studio Software, navigating the Design Store, and helpful information to help you use your new machine!

Silhouette Cameo 4 Deluxe Vinyl Bundle with 24 Sheets of Vinyl, 12 sheets of HTV, 24 Pack pens, Vinyl Tool Kit, 2 Autoblades, and 150 Designs- White
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