Sewing Clips Steel Hemming Clips 3 Inches Measurement Ruler

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Sewing Hems is not an easy task as there are many complicated and error-prone steps like measuring, marking, jabbing and pinning.●Ottemax 3'' measurement hemming clips are the best stress-free solution for your hems sewing project.●Made of stainless steel material with precise measurement measures hems professionally up to 3 inches wide without any crook. Way better than pinning stuff, have great flexibility to glide onto fabric when sewing. Just like opening like a bobby pin, simply glide over the folded fabric, holds them tightly in place when you sew. Keep your fabric intact in neat.●Ideal for hemming clothing, curtains, skirt, pants or shorts and more. Suitable for machine work and hand sewing.●Material: Stainless Steel●Measurement: Measures hems up to 3 inches wide;

Sewing Clips Steel Hemming Clips 3 Inches Measurement Ruler
Sewing Clips Stee...