Mona Lisa Angelo Dark Chocolate Cup - 60/Box

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With this Mona Lisa dark chocolate angelo cup, you have an opportunity to select a serving vessel that's as beautiful and delicious as your desserts! Crafted from gourmet dark chocolate that's molded into a delicate cup shape with eye-catching ridges, this product makes it easy to serve truly memorable desserts. It has a fine thickness and a rich chocolate flavor, so guests will love chipping off pieces to nibble on after they've finished their desserts! With a 49 gram capacity, this cup is ideal for serving a wide variety of sweet treats that are sure to leave your guests talking.Expertly pre-shaped into dainty cups, this product will help cut down on preparation time and the need for skilled labor in your kitchen, saving you money while still allowing you to add a high-end touch to your sweet treats. Use it to serve scoops of rich ice cream, decadent mousse, or luxuriant ganache to complement its natural chocolate flavor. You can even use it to serve sliced fruit for a fresh complement to its rich flavor and an elevated presentation. No matter what you choose to serve in it, this dark chocolate angelo cup will set your dessert offerings apart from the competition!As a member of the Barry Callebaut brand portfolio, Mona Lisa delivers unparalleled workability with the most balanced taste on the market, which is why it is preferred by most chefs around the world. Mona Lisa partners with the Cocoa Horizons Foundation, a non-profit organization that works directly with farmer groups to improve and empower their livelihoods and communities, to support farmer training and help provide the tools necessary for the farmers to excel at their craft. In fact, with each Mona Lisa chocolate purchase, Cocoa Horizons reinvests a portion back into the West African and South American farmers and their communities! Boost your brand by showing your customers that you're committed to using only the finest, sustainably-sourced chocolate for your products like Mona Lisa.

Mona Lisa Angelo Dark Chocolate Cup - 60/Box
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