Lipstick Lip Balm Lip Gloss Viscous Liquid Filling Machine with Mixer Heater

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Thermostat Heating: The heating mixing filling machine's constant temperature heating hopper can melt the wax materials. The temperature can reach 194°F/90°C and 392°F/200°C for adding water and transfer oil to the interlayer respectively. Striking Working Power: Upgraded 35W motor with sufficient power boasts strong torque and long service life. The lipstick filling machine's filling speed of 20-30 bottles/min is reliable for various filling demands. Smart Operating System: Featuring a thermostat to ensure a stable heating process, the control panel of our lipstick filler, composed of indicator lights and switches for heating and motor, provides a reassuring work without fatigue. 30L Volume Hopper: This heating and stirring filling machine is equipped with a 304 stainless steel hopper of 30L capacity, boosting the filling sanitation and Efficiency. Durable Structure: The upgraded stainless steel body of our lipstick mixer machine is durable and immune to wear; the laser cutting craft and reinforced and thick hopper wall assure a long service life. Constant Temp. Heating The thermostat technology can melt the wax in the hopper evenly with drawing support from two heating tubes. The peak temperature varies from 194°F/90°C to 392°F/200°C depending on adding water or oil as the heating medium into the interlayer of the hopper. Eminent Power Strength Thanks to the 35W motor, this lipstick filling machine can fill up to 30 bottles in a minute. But the final sealing output depends on your actual personal degree of operation proficiency. Solidification Resistance The heating process does not end until the nozzle, which effectively guards against material solidifying. Open the discharge valve manually, and then close it manually to complete a filling process.   Smart Operating Mechanism Here are the highlighted design details of our lipstick filling machine panel: thermostat, indicator lights, discharge nozzle, heating switch, thermostat switch, and motor switch. The well-designed switches can control different modules orderly. 30L Storing Capability This lipstick filling machine boasts a filling capability of 30L volume and filling various filling products at one time, which ensures a topping filling performance. This equipment adopts paddle stirring and pneumatic charging valve, filling head is heated in nozzle sleeve, controlled by pedal. Robust SUS Body Constructed of high-quality stainless steel, this lipstick filling machine is durable with excellent corrosion and scratch resistance, which extends the service life and ensures simple maintenance.

Lipstick Lip Balm Lip Gloss Viscous Liquid Filling Machine with Mixer Heater
Lipstick Lip Balm...