JOY Regular Waffle Cone - 228/Case

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No serving of ice cream is complete without these Joy regular size waffle cones. Family owned and operated since 1918, Joy is an old-fashioned favorite that continues today as the leading ice cream cone company. From mixing the batter to the baking process, quality and great taste is ensured with each and every Joy cone. Quality Ingredients These cones are made with a blend of cake and pastry flours and brown sugar to produce a light-tasting cone with subtly sweet taste that does not overpower the ice cream. Many other brands use white or liquid sugar with added molasses, which gives a burnt aftertaste when compared to Joy's recipe. With only a small amount of shortening, these waffle cones are specially crafted to prevent breakage. Classic Shape The ice cream is only half the fun--waffle cones will enhance the appearance, texture, and taste of your menu offerings. This cone has a pointed bottom and large size that's great for treating customers of all ages to a large-sized scoop! Offer waffle cones at your carnival cart, ice cream parlor, amusement park, and more, and you're sure to please the crowd! Overall Dimensions: Interior Diameter:2 3/8 Inches Height:6 Inches Top Diameter:2 5/8 Inches Specification   228/Case Height 6 Inches Interior Diameter 2 3/8 Inches Top Diameter 2 5/8 Inches Bottom Type Pointed Cone Type Waffle Kosher Yes Packaging Loose Sleeve Size MediumRegular Type Cones  

JOY Regular Waffle Cone - 228/Case
JOY Regular Waffl...