Inkjet Iron-On Mixed Light and Dark Transfer Paper LTR 8.5X11" - Pack of 40 Sheets

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Discover the PPD 100% Cotton Printable Canvas Print Your Photos Directly Onto Canvas Using Your Normal Inkjet Printer With Normal Ink The PPD art canvas is made from 100% cotton with a high resolution inkjet coating. Used to print both photographs and art reproductions in high resolution using an ordinary inkjet printer. The finish is matt which is suitable for artistic prints, portraits, landscapes and more. The canvas acts like photo paper in your printer, but results are stunning, especially in terms of texture (real cotton surface texture and appearance). Why PPD Printable Canvas This exceptional product is printable art canvas made from 100% cotton, not paper designed to look like canvas. They’re lightly textured with a specially designed high resolution inkjet coating allowing you to produce high resolution, exceptional quality images and prints from your home or office inkjet printer, using dye based or pigmented inks. Printer Compatibility Compatible with all inkjet printers, using any standard inkjet ink, dye based or pigmented. In addition, this product is designed to feed easily through your average home or office inkjet printer, no special equipment needed.   Characteristics   Wide color gamut allow true color reproduction Water resistant Instant dry: can be handled straight off the printer, no more smears Lightly textured matte finish ‘Easy-feed’ coating allows for smooth feeding and no jams     Results Your photos on canvas is now a really stylish and appealing way to decorate your walls. The look you’ll be able to achieve by printing your photos on canvas is unique and sought after. You’re sure to impress your friends with your new wall art.

Inkjet Iron-On Mixed Light and Dark Transfer Paper LTR 8.5X11" - Pack of 40 Sheets
Inkjet Iron-On Mi...