Ink4Cakes Pro Legacy- Edible Printing System

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Our Ink4Cakes Pro Legacy edible Printer is the perfect system for large production bakeries and shops.  Its continuous ink reservoir allows you to print up to about 30 times as many prints as you can get from a conventional ink cartridge printer. Ink4Cakes Pro Edible printer delivers impressive print quality, crisp images and saturated colors.    Connect this printer to your computer or mobile device with wireless printing. Built-in scanner. All in One   Mega printing performance is here!     Ink4Cakes Pro Legacy Edible Printer includes the following supplies: - 4 Pack Supreme Icing Sheets letter size.  - 20 Pack Wafer Paper A4.  - Full set of Canon edible ink bottles CMYK 120ml each with refilling tool

Ink4Cakes Pro Legacy- Edible Printing System
Ink4Cakes Pro Leg...