Hatco F2G-22-A Flav-R 2-Go 4 Section Countertop Heated Pick-Up / Delivery Locker System, 44 1/8" x 14 5/8"

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Take your pick-up and delivery business up a notch with this Hatco F2G-22-A Flav-R 2-Go 4 section countertop heated pick-up / delivery locker system. Having a pick-up or delivery service is a vital part of any restaurant, but these programs pull your employees away from other tasks such as food preparation and can create congestion in your workflow. This locker system alleviates those challenges by providing a space for completed to-go and delivery orders to be placed for pickup! Customers coming in for pickup and in-house or third-party delivery workers can go straight to the locker system, access their order with a code, and leave without having to wait in line, giving them maximum convenience and you maximum efficiency! It has the added benefit of being virtually contact-free, which increases safety in your business.Orders are loaded on the operator's side. The customer-facing side of the locker remains locked until an access code is used, which causes the door to unlock and LED lights to flash in the appropriate locker. The locker system comes standard in manual, but it has capabilities to integrate into your POS system. The lights have six different color options, blue (standard), red, green, yellow, magenta, or white, to help you create the right look for your business. The unit has a sleek red finish on both sides. Each locker measures 12" x 12" x 12" and can hold prepared and packaged foods for up to 45 minutes. Heat can be turned on or off for each individual locker, and it comes preset for 150 degrees Fahrenheit, with a high temperature up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.The large 10" touchscreen on each side makes locker access easy and secure for employees and customers alike. This unit is designed to sit on a countertop, and it requires a 120V electrical connection. A 6' cord and plug are provided on the bottom left corner of the operator's side for convenience.Overall Dimensions:Width: 44 1/8"Depth: 14 5/8"Height: 31 5/8"

Hatco F2G-22-A Flav-R 2-Go 4 Section Countertop Heated Pick-Up / Delivery Locker System, 44 1/8" x 14 5/8"
Hatco F2G-22-A Fl...