Glowforge Plus 3D Laser Printer – The Fast, Easy, and Powerful Tool for Wood, Leather, Craft, Paper, Fabric, and DIY.

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glowforge,laser cutter,laser engrave,3d printer,crafts,home,hobby,small business use,safeWhat if you could sketch a design, then turn it into something real you could actually use? What if you could print things you wanted, needed, or just dreamed up on your desk, instead of relying on factories half a world away? Meet Glowforge. It uses a beam of light the width of a human hair to cut, engrave, and shape designs from a variety of materials. There’s a lot you can do with that kind of power: it’s having the perfect gift when you need one. A way to furnish your space. A personal boutique. A sandbox for your inventions. A launchpad for your business. And that's just the start. What can you print with a Glowforge?Pour over coffee maker printed on a Glowforge (hardwood & acrylic) Plywood drone printed on a Glowforge Marshmallows engraved on a Glowforge 3d laser printer Cutting board engraved with a precious family recipeCreate stunning 3D engraved products.Make unique items to gift, keep, or sell.Transform your home with custom decor.Explore where your inventive ideas take you, from prototype to product.Glowforge Plus 3D laser printerThe key features that set Glowforge apart: plug,easy to set up,ease of use,safe,home use,wireless,cloud softwareEasy to set upThe hardest part of setting up is deciding what to print first. Your Glowforge uses Wi-Fi and a regular outlet, and tutorials make the first prints a snap. Put your Glowforge within 8 feet of a window with the included exhaust hose to print anywhere. catapultDesign with just a penJust use a pen to draw directly onto your materials, and watch your designs transform. From a doodle to a masterpiece, onboard cameras scan and turn your drawing into a real product. Resize, copy, or personalize it further – you’re just one button away from a beautiful print. glowforge dual camera,image scan,easy to use software, design,craft,hobbyLive camera previewSee your design take shape before you print. Onboard cameras show you a preview of your design on whatever material you choose. Place your design with your mouse or finger and position it exactly where you want. laser engrave,laser precision,laser cutter,glowforge,3D printer,laser engraveLaser precisionYour Glowforge motors can control motion to a thousandth of an inch, and the laser can focus down to the width of a human hair. Combined, they can create prints with exquisite detail and precision. Three steps to a finished product:Glowforge Glowforge Glowforge Step 1: Make Your DesignNo matter your skill level, it’s easy to bring your designs to life. Use the software you know. Glowforge is compatible with everything from PowerPoint to Adobe Illustrator to high-end CAD software. Or, just use a pen. Onboard cameras will scan your drawing and turn it into a digital file you can print, once or a hundred times. Step 2: Watch the Magic HappenYou can use dozens of materials with your Glowforge, including wood, leather, fabric, cardboard, acrylic, and even chocolate. Our app makes it easy to preview your design on the material and position it exactly where you want it. When you’re ready, hit print and watch your Glowforge go. Step 3: Customize and AssembleSee your finished print in minutes, then customize or assemble your work. All that’s left to decide is if you’re going to gift it, keep it, or even launch your own creative business by selling it! We can’t wait to see what you create.  

Glowforge Plus 3D Laser Printer – The Fast, Easy, and Powerful Tool for Wood, Leather, Craft, Paper, Fabric, and DIY.
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