Galaxy 8 oz. Black Popcorn Machine / Popper - 120V

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This popcorn machine / popper is a great investment for turning a quick and easy profit. It pops up to 150 oz. of popcorn per hour, keeping sports fans, festival-goers, and party guests content with plenty of popcorn to go around. With its built-in merchandising light and easy operation, it's sure to attract attention while remaining simple to manage throughout the busiest hours. Plus, it can withstand years of operation to help your business grow and expand. A 120V electrical connection is required. Easy to Use Simple controls streamline operation of the popper and include a switch for the light and a switch to begin popping. After kernels are loaded into the 8 oz. kettle, 850W of power takes over and pops the corn inside of the glass case. Merchandises Product Because the case is made with tempered glass, it's not only safe, it showcases the popcorn to entice hungry passersby. The light helps to further merchandise the food and draw attention to the machine. Stainless Steel Construction Easy-open doors provide access to the case, while a magnetic latch ensures that they close properly. To withstand frequent use, the machine features a durable stainless steel frame. The interior top and bottom and kettle are also stainless steel. Crumb Tray To keep the area clean and free from stray kernels, the unit features a built-in crumb tray. This stainless steel tray catches fallen kernels and is easy to remove to expedite cleaning after use. Collecting and disposing of kernels has never been easier!    

Galaxy 8 oz. Black Popcorn Machine / Popper - 120V
Galaxy 8 oz. Blac...