Eddie - Edible Ink Printer

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Print one cookie in 10 seconds or 12 in 2 minutes Approximate ink cost per print iEddie prints full-color photographs and text directly onto the surface of cookies, lollipops or other suitable food items. For example, the edible ink printer will hold up to twelve 3.5” (90mm) cookies on a circulating tray. Each cookie is automatically drawn into the printer one at a time. The printer then prints directly onto the surface of the item, rotates, and feeds and prints the next cookie.s $0.06 per 3" cookie Included tray holds 2.5" to 4.375"(63.5mm - 110mm) cookies Also prints great on macarons, marshmallows, lollipops, white chocolate toppers for cakes and donuts, and much more Print Width: 1" to 3.5" (25mm - 89mm) Item Width: 1.5" to 3.5" (38mm - 89mm) Print Speed: 5-6 cookies per minute, varies by size and print Ink: 1 GMP Certified CMY Edible Ink Cartridge (see note below) Carousel: Includes one carousel for 2.5" - 4.375" (63.5mm - 110mm) items  

Eddie - Edible Ink Printer
Eddie - Edible In...