DIY X-Press© Screen Printing Starter Beginner Kit - 11-2

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The X-Press Screen Printer – One Color One Station 18x20 Aluminum Screen with 110 mesh 12 inch wood squeegee with 70 duro blade Roll of Black Screen Tape - 2" wide x 55yd long 300ml (10 oz) of Black Permaset Aqua - Waterbase Ink 4 oz. of platen liquid adhesive – waterbased and eco-friendly 5 pack of Super Clean Up Cards 2 pack of 16x12 Parchment Paper – for curing your ink after printing DIY Guidebook – a step by step walk through showing and teaching how to print! PINT of Xenon 903WR Diazo Emulsion (for water-based and plastisol inks) 14 inch Koata© Emulsion Scoop Coater – perfect size for coating 18x20 screens Screen Degreaser in a 8 oz bottle – for cleaning your screen before use Emulsion Remover in a 8 oz bottle – for removing emulsion from screen 5 pack of ProGraphix© Premium Waterproof Inkjet Films – 8.5”x11” Yellow Bulb - for creating darkroom environment 2 pack Red Scrub Pads – for cleaning your screen 500watt exposure light – for burning your image into screen 4 pack of Black Latex Gloves – to keep your hands beautiful

DIY X-Press© Screen Printing Starter Beginner Kit - 11-2
DIY X-Press© Scre...