Cup Turner for Crafts Tumbler Cup Spinner Machine Kit, Wood Cuptisserie Turner DIY Glitter Tumblers

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BE CREATIVE! Build your own glitter cuptisserie with (LFSUM) cup rotisserie turner!With solid construction and UL certified motor and switch cord, our tumbler spinner machine turns smoothly and silently for curing the epoxy resin. No overheating, no ruined tumbler!Durable ConstructionThick and sturdy wood with professional bearing makes cup tumbler turner machine easy to stay level and handle your cups for a long time without deforming.How to AssemblyCraft tumbler turner only takes 4 minutes to install.1. Fix the tube holder & Motor part on the baseplate with screws.2.Hold PVC tube with the motor part together by a nut and bolt.3. Select the foam and insert it into the PVC tube.4. Create your own tumblers now!Best Beginner Cup Turner for Crafts TumblerOur rottiserie turner set includes powerful accessories:Silicone Epoxy brushSoft and flexible for spreading epoxy evenly & smoothly.3 Color Drying RacksIt can be placed in a sunny or ventilated place for drying or storage.100Ml measuring cupsPrecise scale & easily readable, suitable for resin art.Nitrile glovesAvoid your hands getting dirty and keep them clean.Mixing sticksEasily mix the epoxy resin.Package Includes1 x Wood base with 5 pieces fasten screws2 x PVC tubes1 x Bearing Tube holder1 x Motor with 6.5 ft/ 2 m cord with ON/ OFF switch1 x Screws with Nuts1 x Big size foam1 x Small size foam1 x Screwdriver2 x Silicone brush4 x 100Ml plastic cups4 x Nitrile gloves15 x Mixing sticks12x Glitter1 x Silicone mat3 x Cup Drying RackAll in one epoxy tumbler full kits..Whether you are a beginner or a DIY enthusiast, you can DIY your own unique craft cup

Cup Turner for Crafts Tumbler Cup Spinner Machine Kit, Wood Cuptisserie Turner DIY Glitter Tumblers
Cup Turner for Cr...