Cricut Smart Materials 7-Piece Bundle

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This Cricut Smart Materials 7-Piece Bundle is the perfect choice for getting started with your machine, bringing together a collection of essential Smart Materials and tools for use with your Cricut Maker 3 or Explore 3.

With Smart Materials, you'll be all set to cut designs big and small without the need for a cutting mat. For use with the Cricut Maker 3 and Cricut Explore 3, they auto-load into your machine, so that you're ready to go in an instant.

The bundle features a set of Cricut Bright Bows Smart Sticker Cardstock, with 10 sheets of 33 x 33cm to use. There are five colours in the set, all ideal for helping you design custom stickers and self-adhesive embellishments.

You’ll also have Cricut Red Permanent Smart Vinyl, Cricut White Permanent Smart Vinyl and Cricut Shimmer Gold Permanent Smart Vinyl (all 33 x 91cm). This Smart Vinyl will be perfect for crafting custom decals, decorative labels, bold banners, accent decor pieces and a range of other personalised designs! Weather-resistant and fade-resistant, the vinyl material will last well – even in the great outdoors. You’ll also have Cricut Standard Grip Transfer Tape (30 x 120cm) to make every transfer easier.

Try your hand at iron-on transfers too, with Cricut Black Smart Iron-On to allow you to customise clothing, accessories and more! It has a StrongBond guarantee, ensuring the transfer will outlast 50 washes, and it will work on a wide variety of materials – even wood! The iron-on material measures 33 x 91cm.

Finally, the Cricut Basic Tool Set brings you five essential tools: scissors, tweezers, a scraper, a spatula and a weeder. They’ll help you achieve high quality, professional results for papercrafts, home décor designs and more.

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Cricut Smart Materials 7-Piece Bundle
Cricut Smart Mate...
Save -10% $1,620.00 $1,800.00