Cricut Joy Machine Card and Cutting Mat Bundle

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CRICUT JOY CARDS: These sampler sets of DIY Insert Cards allow you to create unique and personal designs with a look and feel more professional than even the cards off the rack. Every cut will reveal the complementary hue of the insert inside. EASY TO USE: Create a design from scratch, or select from hundreds of ready-to-make projects from Design Space. Perfect for Birthday Cards, Party Invites, Thank You Cards or let that special someone know youâ€re thinking of them. CRICUT JOY PENS: Cricut Joy Pens write beautifully styled messages and draw flawless shapes with just one click. PURCHASE INCLUDES: (1) Cricut Joy Insert Cards, Macarons Sampler 12ct, (1) Cricut Joy Medium Point Gel Pens, 3ct , Teal Purple, Pink, (1) Cricut Joy Card Mat, )4.5 x 6.25in) Cricut Card and Paper Guide ebook, features product information, tips, and project inspiration perfect for any Cricut user to help get started and beyond! Utilize your DIY abilities as you learn about card mats, cutaway cards, insert cards, stickers, foil transfer, markers, and more. (Printed copy unavailable). Compatible with Cricut Joy Smart Cutting Machine only.

Cricut Joy Machine Card and Cutting Mat Bundle
Cricut Joy Machin...
Save -10% $2,700.00 $3,000.00