Cricut Explore 3 and Materials Bundle

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This Cricut Explore 3 and Materials Bundle brings you everything you need to get started in the world of Cricut! Start personalising in style – from home décor to custom clothing. The bundle features the Cricut Explore 3, with the ability to cut over 100 different materials. Use it with craft favourites like cardstock, vinyl and iron-on, as well as more specialty materials like vellum, cork and bonded fabric. It’s also compatible with Cricut Smart Materials for super-easy, long cuts up to 3.6m without a cutting mat. Whether you’re crafting iron-on custom clothing, personalising accessories and décor with vinyl decals or designing the perfect gift, this dream machine will get your projects done in record time. As well as cutting, you can try writing, scoring and foiling. Along with the machine, you can start getting creative in your favourite colours with the Cricut Assorted Glitter Gel Pen Set, with five fine-point pens included. For custom clothing and accessories, enjoy colourful heat transfers with Cricut Black Iron-On, Cricut White Iron-On and Cricut Ocean Iron-On. Each sheet is 13 x 36 inches. You can also achieve adhesive vinyl transfers for personalised décor with Cricut White Permanent Vinyl, measuring 13 x 144 inches. There is also a roll of Cricut Transfer Tape to make every transfer easier! It stretches out to 12 x 48 inches. Also on hand to help make your vinyl transfers simple is the Cricut Weeding Tool Set, including fine tweezers, hook tweezers, a weeder, a piercing tool and a hook weeder. Finally, get started with your first project using the Natural Cotton Shopping Bag! It’s the perfect accessory to personalise, whether for yourself or as a gift to a friend.

Cricut Explore 3 and Materials Bundle
Cricut Explore 3 ...
Save -10% $4,500.00 $5,000.00