Cricut Cardstock Sampler, Sorbet 12x24

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Bigger is bolder-go far and wide with square-foot sheets of Cricut cardstock. Greeting cards get a boost, and larger projects become seamless. Decorate bulletin Boards and create paper crafts, school projects, party decor, and more. Say good-bye to sad scraps from rectangular waste and Hello to new possibilities. This high-quality textured cardstock is acid-free, lignin-free, and buffered. Use with all Cricut Cutting machines.   Cricut Card & Board Cricut Card is safe for use with photos or other materials you want to preserve. It’s tested for optimal results using Cricut Machines. With 100+ options, the choice may be difficult, but you’ll love the beautiful cuts and colorful results.   Create Card & Board Projects           Types of Cricut Card & Board Cricut Cardboard Give projects stylish support and playful texture with the Cricut Corrugated Cardboard or Flat Cardboard. Cricut Glitter Card Add instant sass, glam, or festive style to your cards, paper crafts, school projects, and decor with Cricut Glitter Card. Cricut Kraft Board When paper just doesn't cut it, Cricut Kraft Board gives you a sturdy material that won't let you down. This versatile material creates strong 3D projects, decor, mini books, boxes, tags, banners, and more. Cricut Poster Board Cricut Poster Board offers thick, durable, and reflective, this metallic material yields bold cut lines for eye-catching embellishments, school projects, dimensional décor, and more!

Cricut Cardstock Sampler, Sorbet 12x24
Cricut Cardstock ...
Save -10% $180.00 $200.00