Cricut BrightPad 2, Portable Tracing Light Box, Mint Green Bright Pad

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  Your brilliant crafting companion. Cricut BrightPad is the brilliant crafting companion that illuminates projects for easier crafting and reduced eye strain. Use it for tracing, weeding, quilting, and more. It’s light, thin, and durable for comfort and portability. With its ultralow profile, you can trace sitting at a table or in your favorite chair. When weeding vinyl or iron-on, your design will be beautifully illuminated for quick and easy work. And paper piecing quilt blocks has never been easier! BrightPad makes crafting more enjoyable with its adjustable, evenly lit surface—use it for models, jewelry, needlepoint, and more. No more insufficient, overhead, or glaring light. Use BrightPad as your workspace, and make crafting simple. For use with US power outlets only.   1. Quick, easy weeding. Save time and avoid eye strain. Cricut BrightPad illuminates those hard-to-see lines in vinyl and iron-on so you can weed the most intricate design with ease. 2. Comfortable tracing. Adjust the brightness to see through a wide range of paper types and weights. BrightPad is so thin and portable, you can use it in your favorite chair or work comfortably at your desk. 3. Amazingly versatile. See the detail in all your crafts. Bright, even lighting helps you with any project, including quilting, needlework, jewelry making, model building, and more.   Included with purchase: Cricut BrightPad. Welcome Booklet. 6-ft. USB power cord. Wall power adapter.* Warranty. *Must be plugged in during use. Wall adapter for US power outlets only.

Cricut BrightPad 2, Portable Tracing Light Box, Mint Green Bright Pad
Cricut BrightPad ...
Save -10% $540.00 $600.00