Commercial Frozen Drink Machine Slushie and Margarita Maker 2 x 0.79 Gal PC Tank

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Food-grade PC Tanks & Interior Bowl Light & 360-degree Mixing This 6L slushy machine is a must-have beverage equipment. It adopts the stainless steel body and PC cylinders, and is robust and healthy to use. Premium compressor with a full copper condenser ensures fast refrigeration, significantly improving the efficiency of making slushy. The control panel with a digital display screen is effortless to use. It is ideal for both commercial and home use. Note: Sugar is essential when you use the drink machine and do not just use water during the procedure. The sugar content should not be less than 13% with sucrose and less than 22% with maltose. Meanwhile, after receiving the machine, you'd better use it 24 hours later. 6L/1.6Gal Slushy Machine Advanced Quality Precise Control Area Preservation Function Humanized Designs 2X3L Capacity Tanks 3L (0.8 US gal)*2 tanks slush machine, compact in size while strong in performance. It adopts large discharge hole for quicker dispensing. Great for both slushie and cold drinks. Easy to Use Hassle-free control area with simple buttons and easy understanding icons. Digital display makes machine status clear at a glance. Easy shift between slush and cold drink modes. High-Efficient Refrigeration High-quality compressor with a full copper condenser, this machine features rapid cooling, energy-saving, stable operation, and low noise. Preservation Function Designed with the night mode that can keep the temperature at 37.4°F~39.2°F (3℃~4℃) at night. No need to throw away the unused smoothies during the day, saving time and money. Automatic Cleaning Pour the water to the corresponding bowl(do not exceed maximum level), change to clean mode, and it will automatically clean. No need to detach the cylinder for cleaning. Considerate Details The LED light in the bowl makes the beverage looks tastier. Food-grade stirrers support 360°mixing and not easy to block. The air vents provide great heat dissipation. The rebound handles are designed for convenient use. The drip trays are detachable for easy cleanup. The nonslip feet ensure the stability of this machine during operation.

Commercial Frozen Drink Machine Slushie and Margarita Maker 2 x 0.79 Gal PC Tank
Commercial Frozen...