Choice Classic 8 Qt. Full Size Chafer

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This Choice 8 qt. full size chafer combines style and durability to ensure a lasting product that will impress your guests. Complete with a water pan, food pan, cover, and fuel holders, this chafer distributes heat evenly to keep your hot food items warm throughout the entire length of your reception, banquet, or catered event. Made of 18/8 stainless steel, it is resistant to corrosion and has a sparkling, silver exterior. Maintains Temperature The elevated shelf positions heat close to the water pan, maintaining your food's perfect serving temperature for hours. This elevation also minimizes exposure to the flame, ensuring guests and staff safety. Mirror Finish Each chafer features a highly-polished mirror finish that will shimmer in the ambient lighting of your venue. With its high quality finish, this chafer will add to the presentation value of any of the sides or entrees that you are serving! Included Pans This chafer includes both a full size water pan and food pan that fit perfectly into the frame for immediate use. Fuel Holders It comes with 2 fuel holders that keep hands, clothes, and other flammable contents a safe distance from the flame. Side Handles For a unique, classic touch, this chafer includes wood-looking plastic handles that also aid in transport. Lid Handle Not only does the lid's decorative handle accent the chafer, but it provides safe and easy access to your food. Adorned Legs The elegant design on the chafer's legs enhance the overall presentation while adding stability and support.  

Choice Classic 8 Qt. Full Size Chafer
Choice Classic 8 ...