Carnival King Popcorn Popper Starter Kit with 8 oz. Popper, Cart, and Supplies

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An excellent kit for small weddings, birthday parties, catering events, fundraising events, and more, this popper comes with pre-portioned ingredients, popcorn salt, popcorn bags, a cart, and everything you need to keep your popper clean! It also features a small plastic scoop and measuring spoons that make operation a breeze right out of the box! Featuring 800W of power, this machine will keep hot popcorn flowing as quickly as your customers can eat it up! The unit's bright red stainless steel frame and printed graphics will catch the eye of passing customers and draw them in for a delicious snack. Presenting one of the best values on the market, this popper will pay for itself in just a few hours! Fast, Powerful Heating You'll be producing fresh popcorn for the masses almost immediately since the stainless steel kettle, with its 850W of heating power, needs just 3-4 minutes to preheat. Once the unit begins cooking, finished popcorn falls to the popper's warming deck, where it's kept fresh until you're ready to serve. That crisp, tantalizing popcorn will easily catch the customer's eye through the crystal clear windows under the PM850 popper's warmer light, which illuminates the popcorn for excellent merchandising. Rubber Feet The 3/4" rubber feet prevent scuff marks and provide additional stability. 8 oz. Kettle This 8 oz. stainless steel kettle heats quickly. Once cooking, the finished popcorn falls to the popper's warming deck, ready for service. Warming Deck The stainless steel warming deck keeps your popcorn fresh until you're ready to serve. It also drops unpopped kernels into the included crumb tray. Durable Construction The unit's red frame is stainless steel as well, while the top is constructed of powder-coated steel for impressive durability. In addition, this popper comes with a small plastic scoop and measuring spoons that make operation a breeze right out of the box. Popcorn Bags So you can get started using your popcorn popper right away, this kit comes with (1000) 1 oz. and (1000) 2 oz. Carnival King popcorn bags. Butterfly Kernel Popcorn To use the 24 packets of pre-proportioned large butterfly kernel popcorn, simply let your 8 oz. or larger popcorn kettle heat up and pour the contents into the kettle. Popcorn Salt The 10 lb. case of popcorn salt allows you to create the salty, movie theater-quality popcorn your customers crave. Kettle Kleen This Carnival King Kettle Kleen cleaner effectively removes tough grease and oil build up with ease, ensuring the inside of your popcorn machine is spotless and sanitary every single day. Not only is its formula highly-concentrated to deliver a professional clean, it's bottle cap also features two separate openings that allow you to scoop or sprinkle the cleaner into water. Easy Transportation The brightly colored cart provides an eye-catching display when paired with your illuminated popcorn popper and is perfect as a centerpiece! With its sturdy side handle and dual 18" rear wheels, this unit not only looks great, but also provides the versatility to move your machine for cleaning and routine maintenance! Two adjustable, non-marking feet are also included to keep your cart level on any surface. This cart comes standard with a side shelf to conveniently hold scoops, popcorn cups, or any other necessary supplies to help make your popcorn sales soar! Plus, the inner cabinet offers even more storage capacity.  

Carnival King Popcorn Popper Starter Kit with 8 oz. Popper, Cart, and Supplies
Carnival King Pop...
Save -30% $4,900.00 $7,000.00