Brother ScanNCut SDX325F

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Cutting fabric is easy! For the crafting hobbyist who loves fabric, the SDX325 is the perfect addition to any sewing studio or craft room. Create beautiful projects with the ScanNCut DX Innovis Edition Fabric Bundle! The ScanNCut DX is the only cutting machine on the market with true blade sensing technology and a built-in scanner! The blade sensing technology allows you to cut materials up to 3 MM in thickness‡ without adjusting your blade pressure settings and the built-in scanner adds an extra element to your creativity. Scan in fabric and easily cut out applique with the direct cut function or turn a hand made drawing into a sticker the creativity is endless with the ScanNCut DX line up! The ScanNCut DX Innovis Edition is the only ScanNCut DX that can read PES/PHX files!‡ Pull embroidery files from your XP2 or Luminaire to create drawings, foiling accents and embossing projects! This is the perfect companion for the Stellaire or Luminaire!Features:BLADE SENSOR TECHNOLOGY• Auto Blade detects the thickness of materialCUTS UP TO 0.1˝ (3 MM) THICKNESS• Cut materials such as foam and felt effortlessly with Auto Blade‡WIRELESS LAN WITH MY CONNECTION• The WLAN feature seamlessly transfers your designs back and forth between the ScanNCut DX and the Brother XP sewing machines using the 'My Connection' tile.STAND-ALONE (NO PC REQUIRED)• 5" LCD touchscreen display for easy editing of cut dataADVANCED EDITING WITH CANVASWORKSPACE• Create, edit, convert, and send cut data to and from the machine PES/PHC/PHX FILE READABILITYˆ• Convert PES/PHC/PHX embroidery fi les to cut data directlyon the machine^• Use most PES/PHC/PHX embroidery fi les for drawing, embossingˇ and foilingˇ dataBUILT-IN SCANNER (900 DPI)• Scan in fabric so you can easily turn creative handmade drawings into your next fun project.*Matless Cutting – Roll Feeder Attachment**Optional Accessory AvailableBuilt-In Designs: 1,303 built-in designs Including 140 quilt patterns Including 17 lettering fonts

Brother ScanNCut SDX325F
Brother ScanNCut ...
Save -20% $4,400.00 $5,500.00