AvaWeigh PCSP30 30 lb. Digital WiFi Price Computing Scale with Thermal Label Printer, Legal for Trade

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This legal for trade AvaWeigh PCSP30 30 lb. digital WiFi price computing scale with thermal label printer is perfect for delis, butcher shops, candy shops, and supermarkets. This scale allows you to weigh, price, and print labels all from a single machine. This scale comes with easy-to-use downloadable software included where PLUs can be downloaded onto the scale. By utilizing the wireless connection, you can quickly update pricing and product information via your PC or tablet. This adds an element of automation to your establishment.The WiFi network allows you to connect other scales throughout various departments in order to manage and update pricing from a single point, ensuring maximum efficiency. Not only is it compatible with POS systems, this scale also generates sales and time bucket reports to help you better understand and manage the financial side of your establishment. In addition to 112 hotkeys, this scale also provides faster transactions by storing a massive 10,000 PLUs.Connect the scale to your PC to easily customize your PLUs and pricing as well as personalize your business name, product description, date, and bar codes. As the ultimate weighing machine, this scale provides accurate measurements for items up to 30 lb., in increments of .01 lb., so you can measure both small and large orders. The built-in thermal label printer is easy to change and reload. With multiple printing, labeling, and barcode options you have the ability to easily print individual price tags or continuously print labels for packaging purposes. The durable stainless steel weighing plate measures 14" x 11" providing ample room for a wide range of products like vegetables, fruits, meat, and candy.Simply choose from any one of the custom PLUs and watch as this technologically advanced scale instantly prints labels for everything from your specialty pizza sold by the slice or your freshly grown fruits and vegetables by the pound. Easily add sale pricing, temporary discounts, or permanent price changes directly into the scale for it apply in real time as you weigh. The liquid crystal LED display faces the customer so they can easily see the amount of product they are purchasing. This WiFi capable label printing scale will increase the efficiency of your butchery, supermarket, candy shop, bakery, or restaurant, which in turn will increase your sales and ultimately profits. This scale requires a 120V electrical connection for operation.

AvaWeigh PCSP30 30 lb. Digital WiFi Price Computing Scale with Thermal Label Printer, Legal for Trade
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