36pcs 11OZ Blank Sublimation Color Changing Mugs Magic Cup

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Sublimation color changing mugs, also called the magic cup.Pour hot water in the mug, the mug body will change color. Before changing color, the color of surface is black. When it changes, the hidden pictures on the cup body surface will appear.Features:International standard sizeMagic cup uses heat sensitive color-changing ink that changes color when hot beverages are poured into the mug.Printing image would be seen gradually when put hot water into the mug.Full cup body can change color except the handle.Warm tips:The coverage of black mug is above 95%, the effect is best. Then for red mug and blue mug,we advise light color to ensure the coverage effect.Do not scrape or clean cup body with hard objects,otherwise it may lead to image falling off. Specification: Item Weight 28.6 pounds Manufacturer Sign-in-China ASIN B072N2WSJV

36pcs 11OZ Blank Sublimation Color Changing Mugs Magic Cup
36pcs 11OZ Blank ...