34" USCutter Vinyl Cutter / Plotter, Sign Cutting Machine w/Software + Supplies

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PLEASE READ AND NOTE:   This vinyl cutter is not compatible with Apple/Mac computers. This cutter does not contour cut. (Contour cutting is defined as the process of first printing an image, then (using a vinyl cutter) going back and cutting around the printed area.) Make sure to track your package and be there at the time of delivery. If you will be away, contact UPS to hold it for you to pick up later. Also please read the notes at the bottom of this page. Thank you.   BUNDLE: 34-Inch USCutter MH 871 Sign Making Kit w/ Design & Cut Software, Supplies + Tools The USCutter MH-Series are the best value vinyl cutters available anywhere! Works with VinylMaster Cut and other popular software (like Sure Cuts Alot, Flexi, SignBlaser and SignCut Productivity Pro) through standard vinyl cutter PNC1000 drivers.   1x 34" USCutter MH Series Vinyl Cutter Plotter with Stand 1x VinylMaster Cut - Design & Cut Software 5x rolls Greenstar vinyl, each 24" x 5 ft. Colors: Black, White, Real Red, Green, Canary Yellow (Please read note below) 2x sheets 12" x 24" magnetic blanks 1x TransferRite Ultra Clear 1310G (Grid)Application Transfer Tape - 6" x 10yd 1x TransferRite Ultra 592U Paper Application Tape, High Tack - 6" x 10yd 3x Vinyl Cutting Blades 1x Hobby knife 1x Squeegee

34" USCutter Vinyl Cutter / Plotter, Sign Cutting Machine w/Software + Supplies
34" USCutter Viny...