20oz Skinny Straight Tumbler - Sublimation

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5 Easy Steps for Sublimation:1. Set your Convection Oven to 370 Degrees.2. Tape the Transfer Paper with the Image to tumbler.3. Wrap tumbler with sublimation shrink wrap.4. Put the tumbler in the oven and heat it for 5-6 minutes.5. Take tumbler out of the oven and remove the wrap and printed image from the tumbler. Don't forget to use heat glove when removing the tumbler from the oven!Double Wall Vacuum ConstructionKeeps Drinks Hot for 6 hours and Cold for 12 hoursAnti skid Rubber Bottoms AvailableComes with Metal StrawComes with Sliding LidTumbler Specifications:Dimensions: 8" Height x 2.95" DiameterStraw Length: 9.44"Weight: 0.7 lbsFits CupholdersBPA/BPS Free

20oz Skinny Straight Tumbler - Sublimation
20oz Skinny Strai...