How To Track

How To Track

We know how important it is to keep an eye on the status of your order as you await delivery. We've created a self-service feature to allow you to do this at any time through the website, and this article will help you with this by providing information on the topics listed in the catalog.

Viewing Your Order Progress Page

Whether you use your Account or Guest Checkout, you'll be able to view your order's progress at any time on the website as follows:

Ordered Through Account:

Log into your Royal Prints Electronics and Machinery and click here to go to your orders page. If you have trouble getting into your account, you may have used Guest Checkout.

Ordered Through Guest Checkout:

Click here and fill out your order number and the email used to place the order (where you have received emails related to your order) to pull up your order page.

If you don't remember whether you used your account or Guest Checkout to place your order, try both of the above instructions, and if neither work, reach out to our Customer Service Team with your order details.

On "My Orders" Page, find the order you would like to track and click "TRACK" or "View Details". You'll be able to see your order progress on the next page.

Understanding Your Order Status

The order progress page has a grey progress bar that turns pink as it moves between the order's different stages:

Here is an introduction to all 4 stages:

Placed: The order has been placed, but we have not received payment. The order will not move to the next stage until payment is received.

Confirmed: We received payment and the order is in the production or processing stage. For estimated processing information, please check this page. During this time, you can cancel the order within a certain window. Learn more about this here. If you want to make any changes in this period, please refer to this page for more information about the time window and limitations.

Shipped: The order is completed and has been shipped out to you.

Completed: After you receive the package, you can go to the order page and click "Confirm Delivery", and the order status will change to Completed. If you forget to do this, the order will be automatically confirmed on the 30th day after shipment, and the status will change to Completed.

Checking Your Delivery Window

You can view your estimated delivery window on your order progress page in the bottom corner in pink writing:

Please keep in mind that this window is the same as the one provided at checkout (based on your shipping address) and our system is not set up to make changes to this window. Your order could arrive sooner, but we cannot guarantee delivery before the estimated delivery window.

We cannot speed up your order if you need it sooner.

Finding Your Tracking Number

Once the order has been shipped, we provide the tracking number on the Order Progress page. You can simply click “TRACK”, the tracking number, and a link to track the delivery will show up.

We'll also notify you by email that your order has been shipped. We will include the tracking number in the email.

Once shipped, please get in touch with the carrier for an update on the order's delivery progress, as once the package leaves our facilities, we have very little control over what happens to the package. Unfortunately, our customer service team will not have any additional updates.

For more information about the shipping process, please view this page.



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