How To Order

How To Order
We've made placing an order with us as easy as possible. In general, you'll follow the same steps when ordering most items (with a few tweaks here and there). This article will provide helpful information on what you need to do and the topics listed in the catalog.

How To Place An Order
Step 1: Add item(s) to your shopping bag

Go to the item page and choose your preferred product, size, quantity, and personalized information (if applicable):

Color Options: If your preferred color is not listed, we cannot offer it in this style.

Size Options: You can choose either standard size or custom sizing. If ordering a custom size.

Quantity Option: If we offer a quantity option for an item, you can add more than one item at a time according to your needs.

Personalized Option: For some accessories, we offer a personalization service. You can input or select your personalized information which we will then produce.

Once all options are chosen, click "ADD TO BAG". Meanwhile, you can also pick some matching products and add them to your shopping bag.

Step 2: Checkout when item selection is complete

Go to your shopping bag to review the item(s) selected. Make sure you have chosen the correct color and size.

You can also make some modifications if necessary:

You can click "Edit" to make changes to the selected options.

You can click the plus or minus sign to change the quantity of the item.

For computer users, you can click the “BIN” to the right if you want to remove an item. For mobile users, you can simply swipe left on the item and click on the trash can icon.

For computer users, you can click “Move to wishlist” if you want to remove an item from your shopping bag and add it to your wishlist. For mobile users, you can simply swipe left on the item and click on the heart icon.

Once you've reviewed and made all needed modifications, click "CHECKOUT" to move to the checkout stage.

Step 3: Complete order information

Once on the checkout page, you'll need to provide your Information.

Please Note: The event date is a reference for us to complete your order instead of a promised arrival date. Usually, your order will arrive by or before the last date of its estimated delivery window provided at checkout.

Shipping Address

Fill in your shipping address or select one from your shipping address book.

You can choose "SIGN IN" in this section if you already have an account on our site or you can '' CREATE ACCOUNT''.

If you haven't registered on our site and are already at the checkout stage, you will need to register before proceeding . In this section, you can simply input the email address you want to use for your order. After placing your order, our system will automatically create an account for the email address you inputted; we will email you the password for this account.


Shipping Methods
Choose your preferred shipping method.

We offer Standard Shipping for all countries/regions. For customers resident in Trinidad and Tobago, we also provide expedited shipping options. We also offer free shipping, super saving shipping for some items at a lower cost. But if that option does not appear, it is not provided.

We also offer a Shipping Insurance service. Shipping Insurance offers premium protection and safety for your valuable items during the international shipping process. We'll reship your package immediately at no extra charge if it's reported lost or damaged.

You can also uncheck the service in this section if you don't need it.

Please Note: The estimated delivery window will automatically update based on your address and could be sooner or later than what is shown in the window. For detailed shipping information, please check this page.

Payment Methods

Choose your preferred payment method and fill in the payment information (if applicable).

We offer a variety of payment options for our customers. Available payment methods differ from country to country. You can check this page for more information.

Please Note: Offline payment requires extra time to confirm. So please complete your payment as soon as possible to receive your order on time.

Shopping Bag

In this section, you'll be able to review your order once again to make sure everything is correct. If you need to make any changes, you can click the "Edit Bag" (for computer users) / "Edit" (for mobile users) in the upper right to go back to your shopping bag and make the changes you need.

Use of Coupon and Points

If you have a coupon enter the coupon code or selected coupon that has already been bundled to your account in the "Use Coupon Code" box and click "APPLY".

If you have points, you can enter the amount of points you want to use for this order in the "RPEM Points” box and click “APPLY”. Every 100 points = $1. You can use the points to deduct up to 50% off the total amount when you place your order. Please note, this discount applies to the total price of your order and excludes shipping fees, insurance and taxes. Points will be used based on how soon they expire. For more detailed information about our points, please check this page.

Step 4: Submit your order

Once you have completed the three steps above, you'll need to check "I confirm that everything in my order is correct, including color, measurements, and style, and I have read RPEM House return policy".

Then click "PLACE ORDER" and complete your payment.

After Ordering
Once you've placed your order and completed the payment, you'll be emailed a confirmation t.

Sales Tax
Depending on your location, you may be required to pay some sales tax for your order. If this happens, the exact amount will be determined and listed at checkout once your Shipping Address has been inputted and saved.

Please keep in mind that these taxes are based on your address and are state-mandated; we do not have any control over the amount.


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