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  • Twinings Lady Grey Loose Leaf Tea 3.53 oz. (100 Gram)

    Royal Prints Electronics and Machinery Twinings Lady Grey Loose Leaf Tea 3.53 oz. (100 Gram)

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    Introduce premium tea offerings to your beverage service with this Twinings lady grey loose leaf tea! Crafted from high-quality, pure black tea leaves from Central Africa, India, and China, it is expertly blended to combine the complementary flavor nuances of these regions to create a unique, balanced tea. This lady grey tea is a twist on the popular earl grey tea that has a softer, more elegant flavor with bright citrusy notes from orange and lemon peel. When steeped, this tea produces medium-bodied, caffeinated black tea extract with a lovely color. Serve this tea on its own as a classic hot beverage or alongside sugar cubes and milk so guests can accent their tea with a touch of sweet, creamy flavor. You can also chill your brewed tea for a refreshing iced tea beverage or make a specialty cocktail like a lady grey tea and tonic.Perfect for creating hand-crafted teas, this loose leaf format allows you to brew fresh, full-flavored tea in any size, ranging from a fun, single-serve tea strainer to a large pitcher. It offers the greatest control over how large of a batch you brew and how strong you brew your tea, enabling you to add more or less tea to taste. At the same time, by eliminating the tea bag, you eliminate the waste associated with one, reinforcing your commitment to the environment without sacrificing the flavors your customers know and love.As one of the first tea companies in the U.K., Twinings tea has shaped the industry with its famous earl grey and English breakfast tea blends, as well as with its inventive new beverage lines. Originally founded as Tom's Coffee Shop in 1706 by Thomas Twining, the business began to shift its focus towards tea instead of coffee due to Thomas' extensive knowledge of tea. That business blossomed into a large, popular shop that began exporting its tea to America in 1749. Building on their classic, esteemed flavors, Twinings continues to create innovative blends, like their Wellness, Superblend, Probiotic, and Cold Infused tea lines. Add Twinings to your beverage menu for tea drinks customers are sure to love!Steeping Instructions:Bring 8 oz. of fresh cold water to a boil. Fill a tea strainer with 1-2 teaspoons of loose tea and place strainer in a cup. Pour heated water over the tea strainer and steep for about 4 minutes. If adding milk, pour milk into a cup and top with warm tea.

    5 in stock



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