EXCLUSIVE - Cricut Accessories 19-Piece Bundle

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The Cricut Accessories 19-Piece Bundle is the perfect way to explore your creativity with Cricut! You’ll have an assortment of vinyl materials, foil transfer sheets, pens and more to help you achieve beautiful designs for a whole host of home décor, gifting and stationery projects. There are two rolls of Cricut Black Permanent Glossy Vinyl and three rolls of Cricut White Permanent Glossy Vinyl, as well as a single roll of Cricut Gold Permanent Glossy Vinyl. Each of these is 12 x 48 inches. To make your vinyl transfers easier, you’ll also have a roll of Cricut Transfer Tape, also 12 x 48 inches. In addition, enjoy metallic accent details with the sheet of Cricut Rose Gold Adhesive Foil (12 x 48 inches) and five sheets of Cricut Fairytale Adhesive Foil (12 x 12 inches) included. For removable vinyl transfers that allow you to get creative with home décor that you can update anytime (without residue for up to two years), there are 12 sheets of Cricut All-Occasion Removable Matte Vinyl. As well as vinyl transfers, customise clothing and accessories with Cricut Classic Everyday Iron-On. You’ll have three sheets that measure 12 x 12 inches. To make application easier, you’ll have a roll of Cricut Heat Resistant Tape to hold your transfer designs in place as you work. If you’ve got the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool (not included), you’ll be able to achieve incredible shimmering accents for a range of designs using the Cricut Silver Transfer Foil Sheets and Cricut Gold Transfer Foil Sheets. There are eight sheets included in each pack, each of which is 12 x 12 inches. Experiment with the writing and drawing function of your function, too! You’ll have the Cricut Colour Classic Pen Set, including five fine point pens, and the Cricut Explore Everyday Pen Collection, with 10 pens included. You’ll even have a two-pack of Cricut Infusible Ink Galaxy Transfer Sheets, perfect for getting creative with Infusible Ink blanks. A whole new approach to heat transfers, they are designed to permanently infuse your base material to avoid flaking, peeling or wrinkling! Finally, create unique labels and more with the Cricut Printable Sticker Paper Set, with 12 adhesive-backed A4 sheets included, along with 10 sheets of Cricut A4 Printable Vinyl.

EXCLUSIVE - Cricut Accessories 19-Piece Bundle
EXCLUSIVE - Cricu...
Save -10% $1,800.00 $2,000.00