Cricut Joy Card Making and Vinyl Bundle

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The Cricut Joy Card Making and Vinyl Bundle will be perfect for crafting personalised cards at home! Celebrate any occasion with unique cards, and enjoy custom designs for a range of other crafts too. The Cricut Joy is great for quick and easy projects, with plenty that will take 15 minutes or less. Perfect for crafting professional-quality DIY designs, the digital cutting machine allows you to cut, write, draw and score to create a huge range of personalised designs. Create customised cards, wall decals, clothing transfers, decorative vinyl designs, birthday banners, kitchen labels and so much more! Easy to set up and use, the Cricut Joy machine cuts images up to 4 inches wide and 4 feet long or repeated cuts up to 20 feet long. You also won't need a cutting mat thanks to the Cricut Joy's compatibility with Cricut Smart Materials, though you may wish to use cutting mats if you're using traditional vinyl. The machine comes with a blade and housing, a fine point pen, a StandardGrip mat, a powder adapter, 50 ready-to-make projects online and materials for a practice cut. With this bundle, you will also get a set of three Cricut Joy Silver, Violet and Copper Metallic Markers to draw and write designs onto your materials. Why not start by personalising the cards included too! You'll have the Cricut Joy Neutral Insert Cards and the Cricut Joy Silver Matte Holographic Insert Cards, with 12 A2 cards, inserts and envelopes included in each. You can also create custom wall decals, banners and décor pieces with the Cricut Joy Gold Permanent Shimmer Vinyl, measuring 5.5 x 45 inches. You'll be all set for custom-made projects to suit every occasion with this fantastic set!

Cricut Joy Card Making and Vinyl Bundle
Cricut Joy Card M...
Save -10% $2,610.00 $2,900.00