Carnival King White Cotton Candy Cone - 4000/Case

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Carnival King™


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Use this Carnival King white cotton candy cone to serve sweet, colorful whisps of cotton candy. Whether at a fair, carnival, birthday party, or other outdoor event, this Carnival King cotton candy cone is great for boosting impulse sales and for satisfying each passerby with a sweet-tooth! Not only does it help prevent customers from getting sticky hands, but it helps showcase the bright, vivid colors of the sugary treat. Because it's made of sturdy, heavy-duty kraft paper, it's sure to deliver reliable durability, too. Prevents Sticky Hands The length of the cone ensures that the cotton candy doesn't come into contact with the customer as they hold it. As a result, it helps prevent customers from getting their hands sticky. Promotes Sanitation Because the cone prevents direct contact between the hand and cotton candy, it offers a sanitary way to catch and pull the spun sugar out of your cotton candy machine. This makes it a great choice for any business or venue. Sturdy Design This particular cone is made of heavy-duty kraft paper and boasts a triple-wrapped handle end to ensure maximum durability. Plus, its sturdy construction helps prevent the handle from bending or tearing. Showcases Color This white cone adds visual appeal to your concession stand or food truck. Since it's white, it contrasts with the fun, vibrant hues that cotton candy is known for, making the colors truly pop!  

Carnival King White Cotton Candy Cone - 4000/Case
Carnival King Whi...
Save -30% $1,400.00 $2,000.00